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New for 2023
Introducing new classes for 2023 with the emphasis on our well-being and Mindfulness through being creative and learning new skills in the process.

Through the classes you will explore a range of hand-stitched approaches, including applique, patchwork, collage and hand embroidery to create embellished textiles and decorative projects.

Come and explore and discover your own artistic style.

Sewing for mindfulness is for any age and suits all abilities, from complete beginners to the well-advanced sewer, but just wants to explore different techniques. Sewing for your-self doesn't have to be perfect, it is a learning process and a chance just to explore and not worry about the process. It's all about the making and not the end results. making that time just for you


* Cost Effective
* Relaxing and Reduce Stress
* Improve Well-being
* Calms Anxiety
* Higher Brain Function
* Improves Concentration

With Most Sewing projects, you can put it down and pick it up anytime, anywhere. Sew in front of the TV and you can spend as much or as little as you can budget for.

Book on to one of our classes, all abilities welcome.