16 Jun

Hello and Welcome to my blog.

I have been a practicing artist for 10 Years. I have a Diploma in Art and Design, Degree in Art and Wellbeing and BA (HONS) Creative Business and Enterprise.

And  a City and Guilds in Garden Design

I have always been creative and cant imagine a day when I am not thinking about making something. Be it Textiles based, painting or printmaking.

My inspiration comes from the love of the country side. And how it makes me feel when I am either with my horses and using my free time to walk the landscape. I also love Gardening, which is were this blog comes into it's own.

The start of my Journey.....

I am a bit of a scrimp and save sort of person and often say 'yes' to free materials, because I hate waste and throwing things away that could still have a use for it.

So I thought it only natural to try and save waste in the kitchen and from my allotment. 

It crept up on me from behind, totally unexpected. I Found some old sketch books when clearing the shed from my days at UNI and I just remember how much fun I had making paper and using dyes to create pieces of art, combined with textiles. And I have had a few years to explore lots of different medias over the years and I was just like wow I had forgotten this. How much fun it is just to explore and experiment.

Dora and Alice

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