Welcome to Handmade Gifts and Gallery.
At Handmade Gifts and Gallery, we offer Artists and Crafters a place to show case their crafts to the public. A place to create a crafting community. where everything is handmade.
A place to share our skills with those in the community, to any age or abilities.

Handmade Gifts and Gallery began 2018 at North Walsham. Having outgrown the space, we moved to Anglia Square. Then Covid-19 hit us and we have had a challenging year. Many crafters continued to support the shop and we have now grown to over 20 different artists and crafters.

2022 and we are still growing. Same ethos on delivering art and crafts to the community but offering more sustainable crafting. Using as many recycled materials as possible, such as natural plant dying, recycled papers for crafting and looking at ways to create less waste.
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